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By Barbara Wedemeyer Edmonson

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What is the plural of the following words? alley doctor journey pencil spray tray whisk ally donkey key pony storey trolley baby enemy lackey ruby story victim chimney enquiry niece scene ticket whale company file nurse sky tragedy wheel 2. Correct any mistakes in the following sentences: a. The soldiers were told their court-martials were to be held the following day. b. Comedians often make jokes about their mother-inlaws. c. The passer-bys ignored the speaker on his soap-box. d. All the farmers' wifes cut off the mouses' tails.

This can also apply to words ending in 'ful': actual careful faithful final general occasional real total actually carefully faithfully finally generally occasionally really totally beautiful cruel fatal formal gradual personal special usual beautifully cruelly fatally formally gradually personally specially usually If the word ends in a consonant, there is also no change to the word before adding '-ly': bad cold frequent humorous inept vivid badly coldly frequently humorously ineptly vividly bright correct glad imperious jubilant brightly correctly gladly imperiously jubilantly Keeping the 'e' If there is an 'e' at the end of a word, it is usually retained before adding 'ly'.

Ante anti extra far neo 2. In the following sentences which words need hyphens? a. The subeditor reappeared waving the manuscript which was dotted with semicolons. b. When she reentered, she was accompanied by the vicechairman. c. The viceadmiral criticised the undersecretary for his underhand behaviour. d. She could not reach the checkout because of the blackout. e. The accident produced a knockon effect and Jane's car was a writeoff. 3. Add prefixes to the following words: abridged appoint clean crowned marine act arm colon final please adorned attached conscious hooked title appear broken create laced way 4.

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